Wednesday, February 11, 2009


“We’re moving precipitously close to what I would call a savior-based economy.”

-- South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford

by Michelle MalkinCreators Syndicate

Copyright 2008

President Obama is back in messianic campaign mode. It is unbecoming. When he’s not snarling at conservative opponents of his endless spending programs, he’s pandering to supporters as the nation’s community organizer-in-chief. At a stimulus rally in Ft. Myers, Florida on Tuesday, a woman named Henrietta Hughes stood up to decry the mortgage crisis and ask Obama for his personal help. Choking back tears, she
“I have an urgent need…We need a home, our own kitchen, our own bathroom.”

If she had more time, she probably would have remembered to ask Obama to fill up her gas tank, too. The soul-fixer dutifully asked her name, gave her a hug, and ordered his staff to meet with her. Supporters cried “Amen!” and “Yes!” A young McDonald’s worker named Julio bolted out of his seat and exclaimed: “It is such a blessing to see you. Oh! Gracious God, thank you so much! Ungh!”

The event turned into a full-blown revival meeting when Obama announced that the Senate had passed his massive stimulus plan. Audience members erupted into applause. Tongues of fire descended from the sky. Loaves and fishes (or rather, pork and Kool-Aid) multiplied miraculously into trillions for all. GOP Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina didn’t know how right he was when he warned over the weekend: “We’re moving precipitously close to what I would call a savior-based economy.”

Like Mighty Mouse, President Obama is here to save the day. The government is here to help – and it is your patriotic duty to pay for it all without preconditions. Henrietta Hughes didn’t explain the cause of her financial turmoil. Obama didn’t ask. And if we conservatives dare to question the circumstances – and the underlying assumption that it is government’s (that is, taxpayers’) role to bail her out – we’ll be lambasted as cruel haters of the downtrodden.

Woe unto ye unbelievers in Big Government who cling to what Obama derided as “ideological rigidity.” [More]

As I read about President Hussein Obama's Florida rally yesterday, I was reminded of the helplessness of the residents of New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina. Liberal politicians had nourished their dependence and lack of initiative for generations but they became evident and visible to the world when their learned helplessness resulted in death, homelessness and despair.

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