Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Beautiful. Inside and Out. Miss California Carrie Prejean Sticks to Her Christian Principles

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Carrie Prejean exemplified grace and principle under fire when she expressed her belief that marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman in response to a politically charged questions from one of the judges in the Miss USA pageant last night.

The judge, openly gay "celebrity" blogger Perez Hilton, asked if other states should follow Vermont's lead and legalize "same sex marriage." Most people in Prejean's position would have given either a noncommittal answer such as "I believe states should decide on their own" or the politically "correct" reply that it is a matter of equal rights and that homosexual marriage should be legalized across the board.

Instead of lending herself to the furtherance of a key liberal agenda item, however, Prejean chose to cling to her faith principles. What the judge hoped to turn into a platform for his sexual preference instead became a display of Christian character and moral clarity.

God bless you, Carrie! Your example shines bright.

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