Saturday, August 22, 2009

On The Run

Liberals are on the run. They feel Obama has thrown them under the bus much in the same way he did to his grandmother and the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Liberals should now and forever be distrustful of Obama. He’s proven himself to be the typical politician who says conflicting things with feigned conviction to whatever audience he happens to be addressing at the time. Think First District Congressman Tim Walz and State Representative Andy Welti.

Just last week, Obama was saying that the public option was, well ... optional. The next day, Kathleen Sebelius, his Health and Human Services Secretary, tells the Sunday shows that the public option is not an essential element of Obamacare. They even floated the idea of so-called health care co-ops, remember?

None of this was lost on rank-and-file liberals. They had been taking it on the chin for weeks from Sarah Palin on Facebook to grandma and grandpa at town hall meetings across the country. Now, the One on Whom They Had Placed Their Hope and Change seemed to be equivocating on the key element of the socialization of health care in America. Such egregious betrayal so soon after Obama’s Immaculation!

Maybe Obama is the one at whom they are really incensed, not Independents, Republicans and principled Democrats who oppose socialized health care, its death panels and public options. Their rage, however misplaced is palpable, particularly among the President’s Astroturf agents

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