Sunday, December 20, 2009

Health Care "Reform": Brought to You by the Democrat Party of Nonsense, Corruption, Sleaze and Payola

Rep. Ben Nelson (D-NE): King of Sleaze and Abortion Sellout

Healthcare Pork: Senate Bill Laden with Favors, Pet Projects for Democrats
Read the Senate’s mammoth health care bill closely and what you’ll find is a special interest bonanza rewarding thousands of Democratic pet projects across the nation and punishing industries and areas that didn’t have the clout to purchase pork. Among the winners: states like Nebraska, Massachusetts, Vermont and Louisiana, whose Democratic senators secured hundreds of millions of dollars for Medicaid expansion.

Nebraska, Louisiana, Vermont and Massachusetts. These states are getting more federal help with Medicaid than other states. In the case of Nebraska — represented by Sen. Ben Nelson, who's providing the critical 60th vote for the legislation to pass — the federal government is picking up 100 percent of the tab of a planned expansion of the program, in perpetuity. Vermont and Massachusetts get temporary increases in the federal share of their Medicaid tabs. In Louisiana, moderate Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu negotiated $100 million for 2011 before announcing her support for the legislation.

Buying votes is Obama’s Chicago Way. Corruption is the name of the game. Nelson got Barack to pay Nebraska’s Medicare tab. Did Franken also get some kind of payola for shutting down Lieberman or did he do it for free?

Also, didn’t Obama say that people making $250,000 or less were not going to get hosed? Rep. Joe Wilson was right: Obama lies.

Ironically, the socialists are not happy themselves. They don’t think that whatever abomination behind which they have lined up (remember, Harry Reid and George Soros are not done writing the actual language behind closed doors) goes far enough down the totalitarian path.

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