Friday, January 22, 2010

NO Quarter Given

Dodd: Dems Might Need a Month Off from Reform

Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd said today that Democrats may need to take more than a month off from the health care debate to regroup, saying it is up to President Obama to lead the way.

Dodd is the first congressional Democratic leader to suggest such an extended break, signaling that Democrats’ may be much further from a workable endgame strategy than they have suggested in the days since Republican Scott Brown won the Massachusetts Senate seat and ended the Democrats’ 60-vote majority.

The comments are sure to raise questions about whether Democrats are giving up on reform. A month-long break would almost certainly kill any momentum health reform has left, making it that much harder to pass.

"Maybe we do need to take this time — look, it didn't work, this process — and say ‘Look, I want all of us to take a month,’” Dodd said. “It isn't as if you'll have nothing to do around here. There's a lot of other issues that could fill up the time of the Congress while we sat down and see if there wasn't some way to resolve these differences and come up with a health care bill."

No time out. No break. No respite. No truce. No compromise. Democrats can't be trusted. They want to scurry back to their socialist hole in order to fight another day.

And, Dodd said, it’s going to take presidential leadership to get it

Good luck with that, Countrywide.

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