Saturday, February 06, 2010

Sally Jo Sorensen: Tim Walz's Flunky Blogger from the 7TH (!) District

You know Tim Walz, Nancy Pelosi's favorite Congressman, is in serious trouble when his 7th congressional district toadie blogger goes on her smear rampages. Sally Jo Sorensen, of Bluestem Prairie infamy is at it again. This time she is firing in all directions as the number of worthy Walz's challengers grows.

"Ollie Ox," her appropriately bovine pen name, is busy these days besmirching the character of better men than her beloved and embattled First District Congressman. As I research the causes of her newfound fears, please enjoy the following video clips. They will shed light on who Sally Jo Sorensen is (the short answer is, "Nobody!") and why her posts are so despicably full of lies (hint: Do the words "low self esteem" ring a bell?).

Here's Sally Joe, Tim Walz's "Overzealous Flunky":

Congressman Walz Uses Blogger to Attack Constituents. - The best free videos are right here

And here's the guy for whom she is going to bat. Birds of a feather flocking together?

Tim Walz: D.U.I. - More amazing video clips are a click away

Tim Walz is on a script and won't answer any questions that will deviate him from it.

Congressman Tim Walz Dodges Question of Constituent!! - Watch more amazing videos here

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