Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This is Who Olmsted County DFLers Are

My second grader came to my wife this afternoon to inform her, in an alarmed voice, that someone had written the "F-word" on the Tom Emmer for Governor sign we have in our yard. Here's the coward's handiwork:

After I took these pictures, my second grader asked me if I was mad. It became an opportunity to teach an important lesson. "No, I'm not mad," I said. "This only confirms what I have known and told you about these people all along."

DFLers are desperate and they are vulgar. Whoever has defaced our sign would never have the courage to knock on my door or the intelligence to articulate a reasoned position against Tom's candidacy. It's easier to stick a sharpie in his pocket, wait until no one is around and scribble profanities on a lawn sign for elementary school children to read than take the high road, be tolerant of other people's point of view and respect their property.


Anonymous said...

Often times people who do stuff like this are teenage kids who are trying to impress their friends, not DFL'ers. Until you know for a fact that it's a DFL'er maybe you should be more tolerant of those with opposite views yourself.

Paleocon said...

Ah, yes! The old "teenage kids" canard." Until YOU know for sure it was a teenage kid who defaced my Emmer for Governor sign, maybe you should entertain the possibility that one of your fellow DFLers acted like an intolerant teenager himself.