Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Unemployment is Evidence of 0bama's Racism

A recent post of mine on Blogger brought on the following enlightened comment from a "progressive" 0bama worshiper:
"Oh shut the hell up, you racist idiot! You are a disrespectful disgrace to the American experiment in democracy." 
Apparently even Blacks who question 0bama's competence as president and commitment to American principles are not safe from the "racist" label.

I propose adding a couple of categories of people to the definition of "racist": (1) any president whose failed economic policies result in Black unemployment at 14% or above; also, (2) anyone who either supports or enables said president and policies.

Uh. Wait a minute. That would make Barack Hussein 0bama and his worshipers "racists," right?  That can't be.

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