Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The REAL Cliff

Nothing Is Certain Except More Debt and Taxes

Businesses have been waiting to see whether a second Obama administration will encourage the economy. During the fiscal-cliff negotiations, however, the president made clear that his goal isn't to get business going again but instead to expand government and redistribute income. He offered no real spending cuts and instead used the year-end deadline to divide America into classes—to the point of campaigning on New Year's Eve against higher earners. Though the president talks about fairness, his policies penalize profit and investment. This hurts aspiring Americans more than it hurts those who have already made it.

The more I educate and inform myself, the more distrustful I become of politicians of all stripes. The more ignorant, uninformed and unwilling to divest themselves of tried and proven policies those who place their faith in government become, the more foolish they look.

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