Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Let the Liberal Hatefest Begin

Letter to the editor submission to the Rochester-Post Bulletin:

"You Didn't Build That" Speech

"You didn't build that."

Four words that distill Barack Obama's arrogant attitude, out-of-touch condition and terminal ignorance of what it takes to build a business, much less become successful at it.

Having been raised and mentored by feral Communists, Obama does not believe in private property or the value of entrepreneurship. He has never built anything in his vacuous and unproductive life, yet he believes he can lecture business owners on who really made their business possible — the almighty government.

Obama's only forays into private business demonstrate the extent of his ignorance of what it takes to build and maintain a private business venture. The verdict on the president's much-touted bailout of General Motors, which would not have been possible without taxpayer money — wealth which he didn't build — is still out. Solyndra, the failed solar panel company owned by bundlers to his re-election campaign, is another stellar example of Obama's business acumen. The taxpayers lost more than half a billion dollars in loan guarantees to a company widely known to be in dire financial straits.

The most recent gross domestic product report issued by the Commerce Department indicates that it has reached an impressive — by Obama standards — 1.5 percent growth. Need I mention the current unemployment level? It's 8.2 percent in cooked numbers.

Barack Obama brought change to America all right. For the worse.

Othelmo da Silva

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