Tuesday, July 31, 2012


“It is hard to gauge the influence of this kind of material in a political campaign. Probably it evokes a response only in those who want to believe it – that is, in those whose prejudices make them hospitable to such appeals. It is doubtful that this kind of appeal can be countered on any rational basis. But there can be no doubt whatsoever that it debases the political process and does irreparable damage to the fabric of social unity.”

~ “Debasement of Politics,” The Washington Post editorial, September 2, 1960

“As the Campaign Opens,” stating: “There will always be in any election and between elections small-minded and prejudiced persons who have a neurotic compulsion to feel superior to somebody or an urge to blame some racial or minority group for their own individual failures or misfortunes. But these people are not representative of America. They have rarely determined elections in the past and they will not determine the one that is coming. Millions of Catholics, Protestants, Jews, and people of no formal faith will testify that prejudice cannot be endorsed in this country without doing political damage to the persons or candidates who endorse it.”

~ “As the Campaign Opens,” NY Times editorial, September 4, 1960

“It professes to be in favor of the separation of church and state; but it is doing its utmost to inject the consideration of religion into the politics of the Nation. It professes to be in favor of religious freedom; but it argues that if a man belongs to a particular Church he is not free to become President of the United States.”

~ "Negative Thinking," The Post editorial on a group promoting religious bigotry, September 9, 1960

Source: http://m.newsbusters.org/blogs/paul-wilson/2012/07/31/jfk-and-mitt-media-s-double-standard-faith

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