Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Come Clean, Amy Klobuchar !

Klobuchar takes aggressive tone, makes another non-denial denial after 

The Daily Caller reported Oct. 19 that documents show Klobuchar helped keep Ponzi-schemer Tom Petters out of prison for years by choosing to prosecute only his early co-conspirators. Petters’ scheme later grew to involve $3.65 billion in assets, and is the third-largest Ponzi scheme in U.S. history.  
Those documents show Klobuchar had enough evidence to target Petters during the early years of his criminal enterprise. Petters and his employees contributed more than $120,000 to Klobuchar’s campaigns for county attorney and U.S. Senate. 
After initially attempting to delay publication of TheDC’s investigation, and then refusing comment, Klobuchar’s campaign spokesman Linden Zakula issued statements that denied allegations never leveled against Klobuchar. 
Klobuchar herself continues refusing requests for interviews, and her spokespeople won’t answer specific questions about the report.

The lady doth protest too much, methinks. It's not time to clam up but to speak up, Senator Klobuchar. It's time to put some daylight between you and these documents. A little transparency will go a long way. Hiding behind your office is not enough to clear the air regarding your dealings with Ponzi schemer Tom Petters. 

Answer the questions, ma'am. Your constituents need to know exactly whom they have elected as one of their U.S. Senators before they decide whether to reelect her. 

Or are you just going to run the clock?

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