Monday, June 30, 2008

Rochesterfest Parade

There's so much happening so fast that I didn't get a chance to blog on the Rochesterfest parade this weekend. Plus, unlike others, I have a life so I got to enjoy a very pleasant global warming weekend.

It was a strong showing by local Republicans last Friday evening.

Pumped and ready to go!

Top Guns: Demmer, Johnson, Kuisle, Senjem, Davis and Dettinger

Young Republicans: the future is bright

Senjem and Demmer are energized

Real family values: Bill Kuisle and family

Liberal DFLers sporting Tim Walz and Tina Liebling shirts showed their lack of civility and class when they jeered at and insulted Davis supporters while the parade was in progress. What a classless bunch.

That would be Olmsted County DFL officer Frank Hawthorne wearing a red Tina Liebling shirt and hiding behind the blonde young man on the left when I pointed my camera at the group and asked them to reenact their shameful behavior of a minute earlier.

Still more class from the DFL. The timing was perfect too. Notice the Franken supporters walking past.

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