Saturday, July 05, 2008

Bovine Follies: To Paleocon, With Love

Bluestem Prairie blogger Ollie Ox, Sally Jo Sorensen's nom de plume, has had it with Southern Minnesota's Most Beloved Conservative blogger. Unaccustomed to having her self-importance and faulty reasoning challenged, she has taken to "warring" with me in the comments section of the Rochester Post-Bulletin's Political Party blog.

Sally Jo/Ollie has graciously (childishly?) offered me
a musical tribute to "soothe his anxiety." Hilarious!

I am humbled that a liberal luminary would devote so much of her time to an amateur blogger such as I.

I note with delight that Ms. Ox has updated her profile to indicate that even though she worships at the feet of incumbent First District congressman Tim Walz, she actually lives in Hutchinson, MN, which is located in District 7.

I have often wondered why Ollie does not devote as much time and energy to singing the praises of her own congressman, incumbent liberal Democrat Collin Peterson.

I have often suspected that Sally Jo's motives to lavish such hyperbolical and unwarranted praise on Walz are pecuniary in nature. However, she has assured me in the most unequivocally defensive and self-righteous terms that she is motivated by nothing more than whatever the most current and mediocre liberal definition of patriotism happens to be.

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