Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Olmsted County GOP Broadsides MoveOn.Org, Local DFL tried to stage one of their pitiful made-for-the-evening-news events here in Rochester. Their goal? Blame Bush, McCain and the GOP for high gas prices. The Olmsted County GOP caught wind of it and within 48 hours staged one of the most fun coups ever.

MoveOn activist Lyle (didn't catch the last name) was befuddled by the strong GOP counter-protest for drilling domestic oil. On the KTTC six o'clock news broadcast he could do no more than stutter when asked if he knew that there
was going to be a counterpoint to his protest. He did manage to claim that gas prices would drop by a dollar in a month if our military leaves Iraq. He provided no proof of his wild claim, of course. Here are a few pictures.

I got there early and took this picture. Little did the Move.On/DFL types anticipate what was to come.

It didn't take very long for a couple of MoveOn/DFL protesters to get belligerent. Such liberal intolerance for divergent views.

By the time rush hour got going, we had taken over the Civic Center Drive spot in front of Kwik Trip.

The best sign ever. The DFL {hearts} OPEC.

KTTC (fair and balanced too?) interviewed fearless Olmsted County GOP Co-chair Bruce Kaskubar

The Olmsted County DFL and were outnumbered, overwhelmed and outclassed by our counter protest. Well done, girls and boys!

Drill Here! Drill Now! Pay Less!


Bruce said...

Very nice coverage, Othelmo!

Lassie said...

YES!!!!! Great job, and kudos from this ProtestWarrior alumni.

BufordP said...

Great job! You made