Friday, October 17, 2008

Joe the Plumber: the Liberals' "Public Enemy #1"

Joe Wurzelbacher's exchange with Barack Obama last weekend in Ohio may tip the balance of this presidential election in John McCain's favor.

Ask Barack Obama a pointed question and see what happens. Particularly if you ask him a question that exposes his socialist roots, rattles his campaign and shakes its fraudulent foundations.

"Joe the Plumber" did something that all "negative" ads against Obama have fallen short of doing so far: exposing the practical economic dangers of the liberal Democrat presidential nominee's economic plan. As a result, liberals hate Joe even more irrationally than they hate Alaska Governor and Republican presidential running mate Sarah Palin. Well, maybe not AS irrationally as they hate Palin, but pretty close.

Barack Obama's door-knocking photo-op stunt last weekend in Ohio backfired badly when he met Samuel Joseph
Wurzelbacher, now internationally known as "Joe the Plumber." Joe is planning to buy the plumbing business where he is employed and was concerned that Obama's tax proposals would be financially detrimental to his business enterprise.

Get Obama to talk long enough and the truth will come out when he runs out of lies. After trying to bamboozle 'Joe the Plumber' into believing his tax plan would not punish his future business venture, Obama finally admitted that, as president, he would "spread the wealth around," meaning he will take money from productive, entrepreneurial individuals like Joe and give it to others who are neither as ambitious nor as industrious. Here is a snipet of the now infamous meeting between the hustling socialist presidential candidate and the prospective business owner.

It was bad enough for Joe among liberal Obamalovers when the week-old incidental meeting proved disastrous for their lord and savior Obamessiah the Divine, but then Joe had to go on national TV and label Obama's tax policies "socialist," saying that Obama was "just another guy peddling his viewpoint" and finding himself "disappointed" in the liberal Democrat presidential candidate's presence. Stating that he resents Barack Obama's plan to take more away from him put a bulls eye on Joe's back.

And you know what happens when you tell the truth about the Obamessiah. "Joe the Plumber" is now one of the most vilified and ridiculed individuals in in American history. The MSM (Moribund Mainstream Media), which has been long in the sack for Obama, is now gunning for Joe. All of a sudden, Joe is the issue, not Obama's wealth redistribution scheme. Recent headlines have revealed that:
  • "Joe the Plumber" is not a licensed plumber
  • "Joe the Plumber" owes back taxes
  • "Joe the Plumber" is a Republican plant
  • (This one is my favorite so far) "Joe the Plumber's" real name is not "Joe." (His given name is SAMUEL Joseph Wurzelbacher)
Pathetic. None of those things disqualify Joe's honest question or justify Obama's wealth redistribution answer. The MSM has spent more time researching Joe's life in a week than Barack Obama's radical socialist beliefs and anti-American associations in the last twenty months of the presidential campaign. The ruinous consequences of an Obama presidency would be as much their fault as the Obamafraud's himself.

What incentive is there for people to better themselves, buy and grow a business if Che Obama is waiting on the other side to take away the fruits of their labor and give it to others who never bother? Absolutely none. So, thank you, "Joe the Plumber" for inadvertently exposing Barack Obama for the socialist fraud that he has always been.


Anonymous said...

Joe has a such nice skinhead look! How can people be so mean to him!

Paleocon said...

Anyone who dares to expose the socialist lies of Barack Obama Hussein the Divine must be a skinhead. Must be.