Saturday, October 18, 2008

Anger Management

This is why I moderate the comments that people send to this site.

(Anonymous) 2:22 AM

You pathetic coward.

What makes you so scared, Othelmo? Facts? The truth? Reality?

You want to run for school board? Fine. Guess what - using words like "liberal brownshirts" and "Krystallnacht" in a public online forum don't come without a price.

Some of us remember what they mean. They're not just words, you immature sh*thead. Go ahead, keep saying them.

They're part of public record now.

Sleep tight, mother******.

Wow. I have seen such rabid rage before. It has been chronicled
here , here and here. This one takes the cake, however.

I find it ironic that someone who posts anonymously at 2:22 in the morning calls anyone a "coward."

The intemperate comment above was posted about an hour after my analysis of Joe the Plumber's effect on the presidential campaign and was a "reply" to it.

I'm not sure of what "facts,""truth" or "reality" I'm
supposedly "scared." In his uncontrolled rage, the angry grasshopper above failed to mention what they are. Maybe he's cooled off by now, hopefully after a much needed anger management therapy session, and will expound on his nonsensical statement, under his own name, with a bit more clarity and rationality. Nah!

I wonder what the "price" of free speech in a fr
ee society is. I am familiar with the cost of free speech in an authoritarian society, though. As most of my readers may know, I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The year after I was born, the Brazilian military staged a coup which would last 20 years. Civil liberties were suspended overnight. Thousands were imprisoned. Many were never seen or heard from again after their arrest. Even after the military had consolidated their power, known dissenters were abducted in broad daylight.

Brazilian military coup, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, March 31, 1964

Free speech is foundational to the American system of government. I will not be silenced. Threats or not. Live with it. Intimidation is a cowardly tactic of the left to suppress dissent. The Obama campaign and its lawyers do it as a matter of course as I have discussed here and here.

Anyone who does not like what I write is free not to read it. Like a moth to a flame, however, some liberals are irresistibly drawn to "Paleocon Strikes!" I refer them to the disclaimer in the header above. Professional help in the form of anger management therapy is highly recommended as an alternative to reading my blog.

I started this blog as a means of venting my frustration over the lies and misrepresentations of the American left. I didn't know what to do with that frustration until I decided to start blogging in 2006. You can read my first post here. It is a dissertation on illegal immigration from the perspective of
a legal immigrant who passionately loves America or as Barack and Michelle Obama would say it, "this country."

Speaking of anger management issues, I wonder what price the anonymous author of the diatribe above thinks former SNL cast member, Air Amerika radio talk show host and DFL-endorsed U.S. Senate candidate Al Franken should pay for cheating on his taxes in 17 states, defrauding his own employees of their workers' compensation benefits as well as making a living out of writing pornography and jokes about rape and incest.

As for my run for school board, you can find out more about it at You won't find any pornography, inappropriate jokes or foul language there. They would only commend me to the angry poster if I happened to be a liberal, which is definitely not the case.

I want to win Rochester School Board seat 7. As I state on my campaign site, my elementary school age children are a daily reminder of where the Rochester School Board's priorities must reside. But if I don't, you can bet I won't go into a year-long funk or refuse to call whoever is elected to congratulate him or her or misdirect my anger toward some lowly conservative blogger far away in Rochester, MN. That would truly be immature.


Anonymous said...

Othelmo, my friend. You seem to have some old "Brazil coup issues."
John McCain seems to have some old Vietnam POW issues. Honestly? I sympathize with you folks - it must be hard to go through such things. But really. We want to live our lives around here. We want to go to school, get a job, have health care, get married, have one or two kids, retire. Get it? Why don't you folks get some professional help and let us go on with our life? The last thing I need is for my son to attend schools where people with a history of deep emotional distress are in the board. You have all my sympathy - but you won't get my vote, and neither will McCain. And, please, reach out for professional help - you need it, badly.

Paleocon said...

Anonymous, my grasshopper, you neither appreciate nor value the freedoms America provides since your failed liberal ideology is anathema to them as evidenced by dogmas such as "spreading the wealth [of other people] around.