Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Walz Campaign Spreading Lies About Davis' Tax Plan

Walz Campaign Flounders While Spreading Lies
Can't Get Away with Attacks on Davis

For Immediate Release
October 28, 2009
Contact: Michael Spellings

Rochester - After Tim Walz's unsuccessful attempt to fool the people of southern Minnesota into believing Brian Davis wants to increase the national sales tax, ABC News Channel 6 Rochester reported, "Davis says this tax would replace all other taxes thereby putting money back into the wallets of the people who need it most." This is the fact about the "Fair Tax" the Walz campaign doesn't want citizens to know.

Since the truth would tarnish the Walz campaign's attack on Brian Davis, the people are left to rely on news outlets like Channel 6 to illustrate the facts. In an attack unworthy of a United States Congressman, Tim Walz conveniently leaves out the fact that the "Fair Tax" would be a sales tax on consumer goods, which don't include things like groceries or used cars, and eliminate all taxes from the
federal government - the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) would cease to exist, including the need to file tax returns.

Speaking about the false claims from the Walz campaign, Davis Campaign Manager Mike Spellings stated, "This attack simply relieves Tim Walz and his campaign from any credibility they may have held coming into this election. I can't imagine why they think they can get away with telling less than half of the story here - I would personally be embarrassed to make these claims - it took the media a matter of hours to reveal how petty and false this attack is."

Spellings continued, "What Tim Walz and his campaign don't want the people to know is A. Brian stated the Fair Tax is a 'good idea' but never said he supported it or would vote for it and B. the 'Fair Tax' would eliminate all federal taxes and people would only be taxed on what they spend. In other words, when a worker is told they will be paid three thousand dollars a month, they will actually get three thousand dollars, not what the government leaves for them to spend or invest."

Davis has previously indicated he would like to see the Fair Tax studied further before he would lend his support to it. Presently, the Fair Tax is supported by at least 60 Congressmen, and is designed to allow citizens to control exactly how much in taxes they will pay. Under the Fair Tax, the federal government would have no authority to take any funds from an American's paycheck. The Walz campaign has deliberately and falsely described the Fair Tax as if it would be levied in addition to federal taxes - a message that fails the truth test on the first read of what the Fair Tax plan includes.

ABC News 6's coverage of this story can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http://kaaltv.com%2Farticle%2Fstories%2FS635079.shtml%3Fcat%3D10219

Tim Walz's ratings on taxes:

American Conservative Union
: 0 rating in 2007

Americans for Tax Reform
: 0 rating in 2007

National Taxpayers Union
: F grade in 2007 (ranked 398th in Congress)

Club for Growth
: 0% score on 2007 RePORK Card (0/50 votes)

Citizens Against Government Waste
: 2% score in 2007

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