Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Best Buds

NEW YORK (AP) -- Barack Obama revealed Wednesday that former President Clinton, once the presidential nominee's nemesis, will campaign for him during the weeks leading up to Election Day.

''There's nobody smarter in politics,'' Obama said on CBS' ''Late Show with David Letterman,'' scheduled to air Wednesday night. ''And he is going to be campaigning for us over the next eight weeks, which I'm thrilled by.''

The two were scheduled to have lunch Thursday at Clinton's office in New York. Clinton spokesman Matt McKenna said the former president would campaign for Obama at a yet-to-be announced site in Florida on Sept. 29, with plans for more fundraising and events in the works.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton already has been hitting the trail for Obama.

During the Democratic presidential primary, the former president acted as his wife's chief defender from Obama's successful challenge to her candidacy, which strained relations between him and Obama. Clinton portrayed Obama as too inexperienced for a presidential run, and Obama said sometimes it was hard to tell which Clinton he was running against.[More]

I'm glad Obama and Clinton have patched things up. Remember what they have said about each other in the not-so-distant past?

Here's Obama on Bill:

Here's Bill Clinton in his condescending best:

Obama was definitely not amused by Bill's racially charged attempt to peg Obama as "the Black candidate":

And who could possibly forget Bill's "fairy tale" diatribe?

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