Saturday, September 06, 2008

The MSM Jihad to "Swiftboat" Sarah Palin

(Credit: Michelle Malkin)

Media loves to hate Sarah Palin
By Howie Carr
Sunday, September 7, 2008 -

The Beautiful People just won’t let up on Sarah Palin.

It’s become a regular “60 Minutes”/Texas Air National Guard feeding frenzy of bogus reporting out there. The whoppers about Palin are piled up so high in the moribund mainstream media that the wrinkly newsreaders have taken to blaming their most scurrilous, sexist screw-ups on those nefarious unnamed left-wing “bloggers” - you know, like Brian Williams.

Why do the pampered poodles of the elite media loathe Sarah so much? Let’s go down the list.

She’s only 44 years old. She’s just not seasoned enough - and if you don’t believe me, just ask Gloria Steinem, age 74, or Barbara Walters, age 78, or Sally Quinn, age 67, or Eleanor Clift, age 68, or Andrea Mitchell, age 61, or Gail Collins, age 62.

Why, up on the stage, it has been noted that you can distinguish Sarah’s ankles from her calves. She’s never had a Botox injection. The hags of the Hamptons speak as one on this issue. Snow White Palin must be stopped. Anybody got a poisoned apple? [More]

Palin has become the focus of liberal angst, hate, resentment, envy and overall insanity. The lies and rumors, some perpetuated by the MSM (or is it the MMM, as Carr puts it?) are beyond the pale.

There is the Trig-is-really-Bristol's-baby lie. Then there is the book banning rumor, also a lie.

Palin belonged to an Alaskan separatist party. Another bald-faced lie.

If there's still any doubt in anyone's mind that McCain made the right choice of running mate, look at Keith Olberman's, Chris Mathews', Brian Williams', Tom Brokaw's and every other member of the MMM's viscerally negative reaction to Palin.

Über blogger Michelle Malkin and others are calling it Palin Derangement Syndrome (P.D.S.). Appropriately so. Liberal Democrats and their surrogates in the MMM must be extremely afraid of Palin. And it's not just about the 2008 election. They want to make sure their darling Hillary won't face a popular, energetic and lovable female presidential candidate or, knock on wood, incumbent president in 2012.

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