Saturday, September 06, 2008

Palin On the Rise

Palin Power: Fresh Face Now More Popular Than Obama, McCain

A week ago, most Americans had never heard of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Now, following a Vice Presidential acceptance speech viewed live by more than 40 million people, Palin is viewed favorably by 58% of American voters. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 37% hold an unfavorable view of the self-described hockey mom.

The figures include 40% with a Very Favorable opinion of Palin and 18% with a Very Unfavorable view. Before her acceptance speech, Palin was viewed favorably by 52%. A weed ago, 67% had never heard of her.

The new data also shows significant increases in the number who say McCain made the right choice and the number who say Palin is ready to be President. Generally, John McCain’s choice of Palin earns slightly better reviews than Barack Obama’s choice of Joe Biden.

Perhaps most stunning is the fact that Palin’s favorable ratings are now a point higher than either man at the top of the Presidential tickets this year. As of Friday morning, Obama and McCain are each viewed favorably by 57% of voters. Biden is viewed favorably by 48%.

Just think about it. It took Hillary thirty years of jockeying for position and constant abuse from Bill to get where she is today. Biden is a 36-year Washington establishment fossil. Obama has been hustling for a little over twenty years to before he achieved celebrity status. Then came Palin.

The hockey mom of a special needs child surpassed all of them in popularity within a week.

Palin's approval rating is a whopping 58%. Slightly higher than either McCain's or Obama's.

59% of independents view Palin favorably. This has got to have the effect of a kick in the Democratic teeth. We're talking about swing voters here.

These numbers have got to do something awful to Hillary's, Obama's and Biden's sense of entitlement to the presidency of the United States of America.

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