Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Country First

Senator John McCain's decision to put his presidential campaign on hold and return to Washington, DC, in order to deal with the financial crisis and the bailout proposal to solve it. The MSM was quick to call McCain's move a "stunt" and cast aspersions on his motives since the senator has also ask that the presidential debate scheduled for Friday in Mississippi be postponed. Predictable.

Our nation's capital is the last place the Obamafraud wants to be this week. Taking a stand is not his
forte. Besides, believe it or not, there are bigger egomaniacs than he in his party. The Obamafraud can't possibly outshine the likes of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Chucky Schummer and Barney Frank to name only a few.

Showing up to work would actually diminish B.O. in the eyes of the electorate and he knows it.
Going to Washington raises McCain's profile, on the other hand. It fits his maverick image. It shows leadership and a willingness to set politics aside for the sake of the country. The Obamafraud is no maverick.

McCain: Country First. Always

Obama: Obama First. Again

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