Friday, August 01, 2008

Blasphemy! African American Protesters Heckle the Obamessiah

African American protestors heckle Obama

Aug 1 11:11 AM US/Eastern

African American protestors holding a banner reading "What about the black community Obama?" heckled Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama in Florida on Friday.

Three men stood up as Obama was talking about the economy during a townhall meeting in St Petersburg in Florida, a key battleground state in Obama's duel with Republican John McCain in November's election.

"What about the black community?"
the protestors chanted, prompting Obama's crowd of supporters to chant his slogan "Yes We Can" to drown them out.

"Excuse me, young man, this is going to be a question and answer session, so you can ask a question later," Obama told the protestors.

"Sit down. You'll have a chance to ask your questions, but you don't want to disrupt the whole meeting. Just be courteous," he said, before going back to his prepared remarks.

Obama garnered huge support among African American voters during his Democratic primary campaign against Hillary Clinton.

But last month, civil rights icon Jesse Jackson, in a lurid remark picked up by a live television microphone, accused Obama of "talking down to black people," reviving the debate about race in the 2008 campaign.

It looks like there is trouble in the Obamessiah's "paradise." Notice that the debate about race is being waged within the liberal Democratic and supposedly "tolerant" party.

First, the Democratic party primary becomes a race-baiting shamefest with Bill Clinton's racial insinuations and his wife's open, agressive courtship of "hard-working Americans, White Americans."

Then, Jesse Jackson gets caught saying he wants to emasculate the Obamessiah for "talking down to black people."

During his speech in Germany, the Obamafraud himself mentioned that he didn't look like many of the leaders who spoke at that same spot in the past. If those are not code words for race, then I don't how explicit the presumptive Democratic party nominee would have to get before people realize what a race baiter Obama
himself is.

Just yesterday the Obamessiah again played the race card by saying that "he doesn't look like all those other presidents on those dollar bills, you know."

Now Black people (BLACK people!) are heckling the Obamessiah. If the Democratic party of hypocrisy can't sort out its own racial mess, what makes them think they can lecture the rest of the country about racial equality?

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