Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Clinton Backers: "Denounce 'No-bama's' Coronation!"

Ready for Mischief in Denver

Clinton Rallies Planned for Convention
Tuesday, August 12, 2008 10:30 AM

By: Jim Meyers

Supporters of Hillary Clinton are planning a number of rallies at the Democratic national convention in Denver to express their disappointment with the party’s presidential primary process.

The Denver Group, formed by two Clinton backers, has filmed a TV commercial and scheduled a large reception in Denver for August 26.

Another pro-Clinton group, 18 Million Voices, is organizing a march on that day in Denver “and nationwide to support Sen. Clinton and advocate for women’s rights worldwide,” according to its Web site.

Some of the Denver Group’s goals are at odds with those of the Democratic Party, The Hill newspaper reports. It wants an open convention, with Hillary’s name placed in nomination, as well as a genuine roll call vote with Clinton as a legitimate candidate instead of what it calls a “coronation” of Barack Obama.

Clinton backers in Denver will hold signs reading, “Denounce Nobama’s Coronation,” according to the Denver Post. (
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Hillary's backers are still enraged over her defeat to Lord Barack Obama the Divine during the primaries. The NY Senator's acolytes are ready for mischief at the liberal Democratic Convention in Denver and they won't be denied.

The Obamafraud's meager overtures toward Hillarites appear to have failed. Miserably. Maybe Hillary's people are immune to the Obamessiah's Jedi mind tricks.

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