Monday, August 04, 2008

Walz Follows Pelosi, Turns Tail and Runs from Vote on Energy Bill

Preston resident and First District Congressman Tim "Turn Tail" Walz constituent Muriel Hanson is fit to be tied. Here's her recent letter to the editor of the Rochester Post-Bulletin.

My heating bill arrived today with an increase in my monthly even pay amount for natural gas. It's going up over $100 per month starting in July. Yep, in July.

I called the gas company to ask why. My usage has consistently gone down over the last several years, and again this year, due to a great deal of weatherizing for our home. The lady at the gas company says it's going up now because natural gas prices are expected to rise again sharply for this coming winter.

The oil fields that are not currently open to production also offer natural gas production opportunities.

If Tim Walz won't open up oil and natural gas production, then I am voting for Brian Davis. It's just that simple. I thought the gasoline situation was bad, but now I know it's only part of the story.

It looks like Muriel will be voting for Brian Davis. Last Friday, Tim Walz and his fellow Democrats turned tail and ran from the debate on domestic oil drilling under orders from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

It was a shameful spectacle as Pelosi turned of lights and microphopnes on the House floor before leading a Democratic stampede to the door. Such display of cowardice under fire sure doesn’t match the military persona Walz and his minions like to tout.

Pelosi knew that a vote on energy independence would involve domestic drilling and she knew many Democrats were going to cave and hand the American people a victory on the issues. But Pelosi was not going to be humiliated. Rather than do the democratic thing, she did the Democratic thing, shutting down debate and preventing House members from voting on the most pressing issue to Americans at the moment.

You can thank Tim Walz for the increase in your natural gas bill, Muriel. Had he not turned tail and ran right behind Nancy Pelosi as she led the Democrats out the door after preventing a vote on dealing with America’s energy needs, you’d probably be looking at a more reasonable monthly even pay amount.

It looks like Walz was more concerned about making sure Congress would be on vacation so he could campaign for reelection. Last Wednesday he voted to adjourn for vacation. The motion passed with a one-vote majority (213-212). If Walz had had the courage to vote Muriel Hanson's concerns rather than his own reelection interests, perhaps we would have had a democratic vote on America's energy needs by now.

I hope Muriel follows through on her "threat" to vote for Brian Davis. Here is what the endorsed Republican candidate for the First Congressional District seat had to say about Walz's callous attitude toward First CD constituents like Muriel.

"When many Minnesotans can't afford to go on vacation because of high gas prices then Congressman Walz shouldn't vote to give himself a vacation. Minnesotans deserve to have a government that works with industry and the people to move our economy forward.

Like the majority of Americans, and in contrast to Congressman Walz, I strongly support offshore drilling and drilling in Alaska. It makes no sense that Canada and Mexico are completely open for offshore drilling and we close the majority of our shores to responsible development. It appears that many other Democrats in the Midwest understand the needs of our region by their recent vote.

Congressman Walz could have cast a bipartisan vote to get the job done. Instead, he chooses to deny a floor debate on this important issue."

That's courage. You can support Brian Davis for Congress HERE !

Walz had a choice last Friday between Muriel's energy cost concerns and Nancy Pelosi's marching orders. He ditched Muriel and followed Nancy out the door of the House of Representatives without a vote.

Tell Walz to stop playing politics with America’s energy needs.

It is no wonder Walz and Pelosi are so pathetic and cowardly on energy. Have you heard their presumptive nominee's "solution" to bring down gas prices? If not, you owe yourself to watch this:

Proper tire inflation and regular tune ups would save as much oil as what could be obtained by drilling domestically? Are the Obamessiah's acolytes paying attention to the ridiculous and patently false statements coming out of their master's mouth?

What bold, courageous and inovative answers will the Obamessiah present next, you ask? How about this? :)

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