Friday, August 22, 2008

The Emperor Has No Clothes

Obama's striptease may be risky business
by Fred Barbash

Fri Aug 22, 7:08 PM ET

In dragging out the announcement of his vice-presidential nominee to almost the eve of the Democratic National Convention, Barack Obama has at once demonstrated his willingness to defy conventional political expectations—and to hold the news media in his thrall while doing it.

By keeping the “who will it be?” drama going all week—and at least a couple days past when many media commentators and political operatives thought the answer would become known—Obama discarded a widespread belief in political circles that a vice president should be picked far enough in advance that a nominee can enjoy several days of massive publicity about the ticket.

Delay brings two potential risks for Obama.

As it now stands, his announcement will land on a weekend and bleed right into the nominating convention—a time when a nominee can already expect to be dominating national attention.

What’s more, by keeping expectations hanging for so long, Obama makes it harder to deliver on all the anticipation. A weeks-long strip tease, ending with a naked Joe Biden or Evan Bayh—or some other safe but unsexy choice—might prove deflating. [More]

The MSM is letting the Obamafraud play them. Pure and simple. I for one want "The One" to drag this out. The more hype, the greater the disappointment.

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