Sunday, August 24, 2008

Overconfidence or Liberal Delusion?

You have to wonder where the liberal overconfidence that Obama is going to win this election comes from when all the polls are showing the junior Illinois senator in a downward trend since his tour of the Middle East and Europe. Obama’s internationalist views did not play well with the American electorate.

Sure, most polls indicate that Obama is ahead of McCain but by a few points and well within the margin of error. The question for liberal Democrats then becomes, “Why can’t Obama close the deal?” I think most Americans see through the theatrics, staged events and rock-concert-like atmosphere that “the emperor has no clothes.”

There is no substance to what Obama says, though he may say it well. Providing the Teleprompter is working right, that is.

The “real” Obama, if there is such a creature, is seen in off-the cuff moments like the fundraiser in San Francisco where he derided middle America as ignoramuses who cling to guns and religion or when he said that inflating tires properly and tuning our car engines would save as much energy as could be obtained through domestic oil exploration.

Hmm… let’s see. Improperly inflated tires were responsible for 1.2 billion gallons of fuel out of the 130 billion used in 2005. Even in a socialist America under President Barack Obama where the proper tire inflation secret police made sure every single vehicle complied with this idiocy, it would result in savings of less than one percent.

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