Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No B.O.

"[Hillary] doesn't have the right to release us. We're not little kids to be told what to do in a half-hour."

-- Disappointed and angry Massachusetts delegate Nancy Saboori after Hillary deserted, I mean released her delegates to shouts of "No!" from the convention floor.

Dems choose Obama in thunderous acclamation
Aug 27, 7:18 PM (ET)

DENVER (AP) - Barack Obama, claiming a prize never held by a black American, swept to the Democratic presidential nomination on Wednesday as thousands of national convention delegates stood and cheered his improbable triumph.

Former rival Hillary Rodham Clinton asked the convention delegates to make it unanimous "in the spirit of unity, with the goal of victory." And they did, with a roar.

Competing chants of "Obama" and "Yes we can" floated up from the convention floor as Obama's victory was sealed.

Obama was across town as the delegates he won in the primaries of winter and spring cast their votes. Aides left open the possibility that he would briefly visit the Pepsi Center to thank his supporters, a routine event at recent national conventions. His formal acceptance speech Thursday night was expected to draw a crowd of 75,000 at a nearby football stadium where an elaborate backdrop was under construction.

Clinton's call for Obama to be approved by acclamation - midway through the traditional roll call of the states - was the culmination of a painstaking agreement worked out between the two camps to present a unified front.

Theatrics, that's all. Hillary is allowed to save face and pretend to be the power broker. What a childish display. Obama and Hillary aren't fooling anyone, not even their own blind followers.

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